Props, Signs & more

It's the little things that make all the difference ...

Whatever the style of your wedding or event, think of feature spots within the space, or fine details for an entry, the way your guests will feel ...

Use a giant clam as an ice bucket on a bar with tropical floral displays, or hang a shell chandelier above a cool retreat space ... 

And of course we have loads of signs!

Giant clam
Giant clam 67cm x 41cm $50
Shell Chandeliers x 2
72cm drop 40cm width $35 ea
Nautilus Shells
2 x Giant Nautilus shells $15 ea
Large Menu Board
Over 1.5 m MENU $20
Turn Off sign
Fixed message ceremony sign $10
A wine list, or anything you can create $5
Petal Sign
Fixed sign - $10
small chalkboards
Great for little labels! Set of 2 $5
Medium chalkboards
Simple design for your welcome $10
Baa-tholomew skull
Ewe Skull $60
Natural felled antlers $15ea 20 avail
Large Ice Buckets
Stainless Steel $5
Gold Ice Bucket
Large Gold Ice Bucket $10
Whiskey Tags
Whisky, Rum, Gin, Vodka & more just $5 for set.
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