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A growing collection of pieces to create a boho ceremony, a destination space, a champagne bar ... 

Gold Velour Couches
3 seater and 2 arm chairs $250
Lady Ruby Chair
1 x Lady Ruby armchair $50
Baby Ruby
Ruby red low chair, $30 ea 2 avail
cowhide cushions
Browns & B/W avail $10ea
Cane Chair
Full lounge & coffee table $100
Blues, Greens, Golds & Neutrals $5ea
brass signing table
Gorgeous signing table $80
Persian Runners
Long ceremony runners $50ea x 2 avail
Wood Trolleys
Wood Drinks Trolleys $30 2 avail
Boho Macrame Hanging
Arbor macrame curtain $50 ea 2 avail
Gold edge trio coffee tables
Dark glass side tables $30 for set
Jute Rugs
Rubber backed jute rugs $5ea
Jute circles rugs
Gold velour low chair
Signing chair $30 - 1 avail
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