Candles & Lights

Candles & Lights

The right lighting is essential for stunning weddings and events ... Remember that your reception is after dark, but often you have viewed your venue in the day.

Candles can bring the tables to life, highlight the gorgeous flowers you have picked, and of course create magic for the night! 

We can install warm light fairy lights, and our Festoon lights create great outdoor spaces!

Flameless Candles


There is nothing more romantic than candlelight ...

Flameless candles are stunning, and safe. They won't set things on fire, won't drip wax on table linen, won't wilt your flowers, won't blow out in a breeze. Our rental candles give a min 12hrs of candlelight

Flameless candles are made from pure paraffin wax and come in 5 sizes:

small - 8cm x 10cm 

medium - 8cm x 15cm

tall - 8cm x 20cm

fat medium - 10cm x 15cm

fat tall - 10cm x 20cm

Small Wedding  

24 small, 24 medium, 24 tall

72 Candles $400

Large Wedding

48 small, 48 medium, 48 tall

144 candles $700

Individual candles

prices range from $6 - $8 per candle. 

Fairy Lights & Festoons

Warm Light Fairy Lights are one of our favourite installations for weddings. 

It takes a team of two to install fairy lights, with venue ceiling heights often over 5m throughout the Hunter Valley & Newcastle! Fairy Lights need to be installed prior to any table or floral set ups.

Our installations start at $550. 


Boho Brass

Our brass has been collected over several years, each find a delight, lovingly polished and brought back to it's gleaming glory!

Brass pieces add a boho touch, particularly when is used as a styling feature.

Over 100 vases
Brass Cups & Mugs 20+ avail
Polished brass from $6
Boho Candlesticks
From $6ea, over 90+ available
Brass Bowls
Brass Bowls from $8, 12+ avail
Brass Table with trestle legs
Gorgeous 70cm diameter table, $50. One only
Wine Ice Bucket
Ice buckets from $8, 3 available
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Velvet Furniture

We have velvet couches and chairs in Red and Gold  - see our insta for images we will be adding the images soon! 

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