Candle Holders & Lanterns

Light - and how you hold it - is a special relationship .... Soft flickering candles bounce light against brass candlesticks, moroccan feel lanterns as centrepieces, gold lanterns give gardens depth as the sun disappears ...

Brass Candlesticks
Mixed sizes, over 95+ available from $6
gold lantern
Rustic, suit outdoors. $5 ea 10+ available
Glass & Black Iron Lanterns - $10 4
60cm glass cylinder vases, $15ea 6 avail
Filagree bronze lantern
Moroccan feel lantern, only for votive candles. 15cm high. $8 ea 8+avail
Moroccan tea light
10cm tall morrocan style tea light $5ea 12 avail
Silver Lantern
Stainless steel, 30cm. $10 each, 10 avail
Wrought iron candelabras
3 candle candelabra, for flameless candles. $8ea 12+ avail
Wood candlesticks
Carved dark wood candlesticks, flameless candles only. 16+ from $8ea
Silver candle stands
Carved Silver Candlestands. Flameless candles only. from $8 ea
Stunning Crystal Cut Sets
15cm and 25cm Genuine Crystal cut $35 per set, 12 avail
Glass Cylinders
20cm, 40cm & 60cm from $8ea
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